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Come experience Glamping the Lavish Slumbers' way with our delectable S'mores Slumber Rollz and the option to add-on (+$25 for 2) our customary smoke-fire drinks (coming soon). 

Make a s’mores sandwich or take the roll and drizzle on the chocolate, toss on the graham crackers...and now you're ready to dig in and enjoy!

Ages 8+; ($35; Serves 6)


  • 2 s’mores cinnamon rolls
  • Glamping toppings (chocolate, nutella, marshmallows, and additional assorted treats) 
  • Glamping Kit (skewers and burner)
  • Optional Add-on (+$12): 2 custom drinks of your choice
*The burner and skewers are the property of Lavish Slumbers. Please do not remove from the premises or extra charges will be applied to the payment on file.