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Come experience Glamping the Lavish Slumbers' way with our delectable S'mores Slumber Rollz and the option to add-on (+$25 for 2) our customary smoke-fire drinks.

You'll have the ability to take your basket, set up your station, and fire up your marshmallows. Drizzle on the chocolate, toss on the graham crackers...and now you're ready to dig in and enjoy!

Ages 8+; ($35; Serves 6)


  • 2 stuffed smores cinnamon rolls
  • Glamping toppings (chocolate, nutella, and marshmallows)
  • Glamping Kit (basket, blanket, skewers, and burner)
  • Optional Add-on (+$25): 2 custom drinks of your choice (just a tip: our Smorgasm is a sweet buzz for the grown kids)
*The basket, blanket, and burner are the property of Lavish Slumbers. Please do not remove from the premises or extra charges will be applied to the payment on file.