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Lavish Slumbers is the official adult-themed slumber party experience with a focus on self-care and engagement that incorporates high-quality sleepwear, bath and body essentials, creative workshops, entertaining games, plus more! But there’s a twist...the brand is coupled with a signature gourmet cinnamon roll bar, called Slumber Rollz, that offers freshly handcrafted gooey rolls, elaborate drinks (including coffee, mocktails, and cocktails), Afternoon Tea, and a lounge retreat. There’s even a weekly Candle Lab workshop station offered Friday-Sunday.

The creation of Lavish Slumbers truly fills a void in the growing women’s apparel industry while incorporating self-care necessities with the option of social engagement. It’s the ultimate feel-good experience that exemplifies the Lavish Slumbers motto of “Friends, Fun, & Relaxation!”

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